Elysias Holistic Wellness

Since 2017, Elysia passionately merges her social work and mental health work together.

It is through her love for alternative healing, that lead to the development of Elysias Holistic Wellness - PsychoSocialSpiritual Guide. She provides services to guide individuals on their healing journey, Mind, Emotion, Body and Soul. She loves being a part of people’s healing journeys, where they lead the way to their own optimal health through guidance that is unique to the individual.

Interesting factoid: Elysia grows all my own organic products and make treatment balms and ointments!

Some of the services she offers:

  • Energy/reiki healing
  • Medicine drumming
  • Intuitive Balinese massage
  • Access consciousness bars
  • Tuning forks and Crystal healing

She is also a registered NDIS provider.

Upon request healing balms, oils, ointments from home grown organic products based on specific ailments.


Some testimonials: 

“Elysia has a beautiful nurturing soul who has a wonderful gift to share.”

"Elysia really helped me to relax and I felt comfortable right from the start. What a beautiful and truly gifted individual she is"

She frequents markets and is located in Kurunjang. Offering her healing services from Monday to Sunday 11am to 7pm. 

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Phone:  0416081446