Monarch Natural Products

Monarch Natural Products offers a range of house cleaning, body products and even dog shampoo. Their entire range is 100% cruelty-free, contain NO harmful ingredients or chemicals, use only readily biodegradable surfactants, are greywater and septic safe and are proudly 100% Australian created, made and owned

Beverley founded Monarch Natural Products after working decades in domestic, commercial and forensic cleaning. Unfortunately, she lost her sense of smell and taste due to the damaging chemicals within all of the products widely used within her industry. She found out she was not the only cleaner experiencing this issue, therefore she decided to start up her own cleaning products company. 

Her Products are safe for your health, family and pets and also far better for the planet. She even generously donates 10 cents from every item purchased to The Nature Conservancy Australia.

Monarch Natural Products range includes: Body Lotion Bar, Multipurpose Cleaner, Castille Soap, Castille Dishwashing Liquid, Beer shampoo, Hand sanitizer, Dog Shampoo, Bathroom & Shower Cleaner, Castile Liquid Soap, Psoriasis and Eczema Wash, Window cleaner and Degreaser. 

She has many customers that purchase her items because they suffer from emphysema, asthma, sinusitis and a variety of other conditions that made breathing difficult. Regular cleaning products exacerbated their breathing complaints and often created a range of other side effects. Clients who were undergoing chemotherapy complained that regular products contributed to their nausea and general discomfort. Monarch Natural Products have been formulated also with people exhibiting these symptoms in mind. 

Monarch Natural Products is a stallholder at a variety of our markets such as Eynesbury Market, Merrifield Market and Mulgrave Farmers Market. Normally, she also has a refill station at her stall, to reduce single-use plastics and provide an opportunity to contribute to the environment. However, at present, only food items are allowed at markets. Small businesses need your support now more than ever. Therefore please support this lovely small business with beautiful morals and values by heading to her Facebook and Instagram page and liking it. Additionally, you are able to purchase her range on her Facebook shop page

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