Jungle Rain

JungleRain's new range of Fruit based Hot Chilli Sauces,

Experience the Flavour, Feel the Burn

At JungleRain we grow all our own organic chilli to be processed into our hot chilli products.
Each year at the beginning of winter we begin with the indoor germination of all our selected range of chillis for that year. All plants are grown under lights until spring where they are then acclimatised out doors in greenhouses till the spring weather becomes warmer. Towards the end of summer we begin the harvesting of the chilli pods for the production of our hot sauces and other chilli products. Most of the chillis are processed fresh at this time, with percentages being dried for our chilli powders.

We have been working on our sauce recipes for many years now, developing nine varieties of hot chilli sauce and one variety of hot wasabi mustard, an exquisite mix of flavors and aromas with a range of customers’ heat tolerances. Our sauces are unique in that they are combined with a fruit base with spice that compliments both the flavour and the heat. We also have a large recipe base developed by us to expand on in the coming years.

More hot sauces, dry chilli powders, mixes and rubs, chilli pastes, chilli chocolate and chilli drinks just to name a few.



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