Hov's Chilli House

Hov's Chilli House: was born out of a simple idea with very humble beginnings. Nicki’s work as a qualified cook and has cooked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and her knowledge of food and nutrition was combined with Dave’s love of gardening and interest in chillies (and all things hot and spicy). With an excess of chillies and other garden produce they started making sauces for themselves and friends.

The feedback they received was great, their friends and family loved the sauces and relishes as they were better than any of the stuff they bought in a supermarket. From this feedback Nicki worked on honing the flavours, having always loved combining different flavours and experimenting on what flavours work together. Dave focused on various growing techniques to expand the chilli varieties they used and to ensure optimum flavours from our chillies.

What they ended up with was a combination of simple flavours - all driven by fresh home grown chillies, vegetables and herbs - that deliver the heat for everyone from the chilli novice right through to the dedicated hot-head!

All their chilli products not only have heat, but just as importantly - they all have flavour.

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